Posted on May 28, 2019 by staff

Would FaceTime have changed the plot of Gavin and Stacey?


Today marks a momentous day in history – the Gavin and Stacey reunion we’ve all be waiting for has a date.

None other than Christmas Day 2019, James Corden (Smithy) himself has confirmed the episode alongside co-writer Ruth Jones (Nessa) via Twitter, expectedly causing joyous outcries of ‘oh my Christ’.

The show closed its ‘final’ episode of three seasons on New Year’s Day of 2010. When the special airs later this year, it will mark almost 10 years since its debut.

In the world of tech, 10 years of changes can seem like a lifetime. And whilst Bryn might never understand how to remember ‘world wide web’, I’ll be interested to see if he ever did catch up with the technology of today.

Looking back at the multi-award-winning show’s many highlights it’s clear a lot has change in almost 10 years – especially when Smithy and Rudy can be seen completing their rendition of American Boy through a flip phone.

It makes you wonder – would the plot of Gavin and Stacey have been much different if it had been set in the modern day? Would FaceTime have stopped them rushing to move in together? Would driverless cars meant they could see each other more often?

Were that scene to take place today, there’s a chance Smithy could have called Gavin through his Apple Watch or asked Google to do it for him.

From Instagram to TikTok, from VR headsets to ‘swegways’, tech could change the way Gavin and Stacey looks this year. Here’s a look at the last 10 years of tech in celebration of our favourite couple’s comeback.



Minecraft – Already 10 years old, I’m glad to see the younger generation still playing it today.

Uber – Although it didn’t make its first official journey until 2010, the digital cab firm was founded the year before, unbeknown to how well it would one day be.


Instagram – One of our favourite social media sites began 9 years ago, with the first ever post being of a dog. Start as you mean to go on, in my opinion.

Xbox Kinect – The Xbox Kinect felt revolutionary at the time – being able to play a game without a controller, simply using what appeared to be a very expensive webcam. The art of motion tracking was taking place in the everyday home.


SnapChat – Not long after Instagram began, SnapChat stepped up to the plate. Although it took a while to settle in with many questioning ‘why would you send a picture for only 10 seconds?’, it became the messaging platform place to be very quickly.

Google+ – Although now laid to rest, Google+ is an exact example of how too much time for tech can cause a negative. I’ll remember all 30 seconds I spent looking at it.

Nintendo 3DS – Bringing 3D to the naked eye, Nintendo were on to something. Sure, it wasn’t the greatest and hurt after a while, but it did incorporate AR into a small gaming device.


Windows 8 – Remember when the days were simpler? I realise now that I really didn’t appreciate Windows 8 like I should have.

Netflix in the UK – The golden year – it hit Brits’ homes and began the ‘Netflix and chill’ culture with now nearly 150 million paying users.


Oculus VR – The first model of virtual reality in the home, the Oculus was an elite product on release – and like other new gadgets, didn’t seem like it would ever be affordable to the average gamer.

Swegway – Otherwise known as a hover board, this is about as close to Back to the Future as we’ve got so far.


USB-C – Already five years old, I still remember the slight annoyance at having to ditch all of my old charging cables and replace them with new ones, but have to say I’m thankful for them now.

The death of Flappy Bird – this doesn’t even need an explanation. I’m sure reading the title will bring back enough horrifying tapping memories.


Apple Watch – While smart watches had become a thing, everyone was clearly anticipating Apple to give it their spin.

Amazon Echo – Need to know the weather? Want to book an appointment on your calendar but your phone is on the other side of the room? The home assistant soon became a trendy household gadget, even if it just got used as a speaker.


Dyson Supersonic – Slightly different, but when the known Hoover brand made a hairdryer with a hole in it, it got people of the tech world talking.

NES Mini – The first of many official minis. I spent days in online queues for it and still fully believe it was worth my time.

TikTok – Whether you love it, hate it, or still don’t know what it is, newest social platform TikTok has taken the younger generation by storm.


Nintendo Switch – The ultimate games console (on my opinion). What the PSP was and what the Wii U should have been, the Switch has it all.

Fitbit – The exercise tracker can now be seen on most wrists in the office, and have become highly affordable for anyone of any fitness level.


Driverless cars – The rumours are becoming a reality, as the first (limited) driverless service is now available in Arizona. Companies in the UK are working hard to be the first to bring it here.