A business infrastructure startup has secured £1.5 million in seed funding.

The angel investment into Versori will fund the building of an integration platform, Switchboard, and digital wallet, Koja. 

It will also help the startup expand its team, with a focus on developing its technology.

“Versori is a really exciting group of technology solutions that address the increasing problems in their respective markets,” said co-founder Sean Brown.

“We aim to build and provide mission-critical software and platforms to our customers. Switchboard changes the way any scale business integrates and manages business systems and workflows, while Koja tackles the huge problems that the payment industry faces with a fresh commerce first approach to financial transactions. 

“We can’t wait to grow the business with our amazing founding team and customers who were lucky enough to get to the front of the waitlist.”

Switchboard is described as a revolutionary integration platform that allows businesses of all sizes to integrate with any other software, regardless of data structures.

Combating the global workforce crisis, Switchboard is set to deliver businesses the tools they need to automate essential processes and workflows that would otherwise be done by in-person employees. Switchboard is set to launch with alpha customers in the coming weeks.

Koja is a FinTech payment platform designed to integrate customer phones and browsers directly with the stores they shop at, both online and in-person. 

The digital wallet is claimed to provide the fastest and most convenient checkout experience in the world of commerce, dramatically lowering merchant costs.

Versori has pledged to follow up investing on the round with a Series A scheduled for release in October to acquire market authority with both Switchboard and Koja.

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