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It’s time to help decide BusinessCloud’s MediaTech 50 ranking for 2024.

The annual ranking celebrates the UK’s most innovative startups, scaleups and established firms creating original technology to transform production and delivery of media and the arts – from music to podcasts, radio, video, film and the written word.

We have shortlisted 87 firms for potential inclusion. The final MediaTech 50 ranking will be determined by a combination of reader votes and selections from an expert judging panel.

You can cast your vote until 23:59 on Sunday 3rd March. Browse the shortlist below and vote for the company you believe to be the most innovative.

The final MediaTech 50 ranking – supported by digital transformation experts Sputnik Digital will be published online on Monday 25th March. Subscribe to our daily email tech innovation newsletter via the dropdown below when you vote to be among the first to see the results.

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MediaTech 50 shortlist

AerodrumsLiverpoolNorth WestRevolutionary air-drumming instrument
AlituDundeeScotlandSimple tool for recording, editing and publishing podcasts
AntstreamLondonGreater LondonRetro game streaming platform
Anything WorldLondonGreater LondonPlatform which aims ‘to make anyone a 3D content creator’ via AI-powered rigging and animations
AuddyLondonGreater LondonPremium service to help creators monetise their podcasts
AudioScenicSouthamptonSouth EastImmersive 3D sound technologies
AudioStackLondonGreater LondonPersonalised audio experiences using AI
AudooLondonGreater LondonGDPR compliant, privacy first monitoring tech for music royalties
BeemLondonGreater LondonRecreates humans in augmented reality
BlackbirdLondonGreater LondonCloud-native video editing and publishing platform
BlokurLondonGreater LondonHelps musicians and music companies get paid accurately & on time
Broadcast.coManchesterNorth WestBehind cloud-based live-streaming platforms &, plus, which connects podcasts with guests
Ceres HolographicsSt AndrewsScotlandHolographic AR solutions
CGHeroManchesterNorth WestCollaborative marketplace for CGI content creation
ChatloopManchesterNorth WestAllows people to create contextual discussions wherever they are on the internet
CodicesPenrynSouth WestLive interactive video broadcast platform
CondenseBristolSouth WestSystem capable of streaming live sports in volumetric 3D to AR and VR headsets
Cooperative InnovationsLeedsYorks & HumberImmersive technology tools for play, exploration and learning
Crowd NetworkManchesterNorth WestPodcast platform
CurioLondonGreater LondonCreates audio versions of journalism from leading publications
DubitLeedsYorks & HumberCreates brand experiences for players across metaverse
EndlesssLondonGreater LondonMultiplayer music-making app and global creator community
FilmstroBrightonSouth EastRoyalty-free music creation app
FlatLondonGreater LondonWeb-based music writing and composition software
Flix PremiereLondonGreater LondonStreaming platform for indie films
Fracture RealityHoveSouth EastBehind online mixed reality platform JoinXR for data-intensive collaboration
GEEIQLondonGreater LondonEnables businesses of all sizes to navigate and engage the metaverse
GigpigManchesterNorth WestManagement and booking platform which connects musicians to venues
GigRealmLondonGreater LondonConnects artists with paid gigs at venues across UK
Gravity SketchLondonGreater London3D design and modelling software
HadeanLondonGreater LondonA platform for the creation, curation, and delivery of connected immersive experiences
HappaningLondonGreater LondonCrowdsourced event preview app
HateLabCardiffWalesUses AI to identify and counter online hate speech and crime
HolovisHinckleyMidlandsSensory immersive and mixed reality experiences
Igloo VisionCraven ArmsMidlandsImmersive 360-degree projection environments
Immersive FoxLondonGreater LondonPlatform for easy AI video generation
ImprobableLondonGreater LondonGames tech company behind powerful SpatialOS platform
IRIS Audio TechnologiesLondonGreater LondonAI-driven background noise removal solutions
KartaLondonGreater LondonCreates virtual experiences and marketing campaigns in the Metaverse
Ko-fiCambridgeEast of EnglandTool allowing creators to receive donations, memberships and sales from fans
KrotosEdinburghScotlandSound design tech
LabelWorxHullYorks & HumberTech service provider to the dance music industry
LickdLondonGreater LondonClaims-free music-licensing start-up for YouTube
LifescoreSalisburySouth WestUses AI to adapt music to listener's environment
LiopaBelfastNorthern IrelandLip-reading technology
LogicallyBrighouseYorks & HumberAI to detect misinformation and combat fake news
LottielabLondonGreater LondonAllows users to create dynamic animations for apps and websites - the new GIF?
MagicBeansWatlingtonSouth EastBehind 3D spatial audio platform Roundhead
MativisionLondonGreater LondonPlatform for interactive live 360 video and VR experiences
MixcloudLondonGreater LondonAudio streaming platform for music
MixlrLondonGreater LondonTool to broadcast live audio online with chat functionality
MovemeLondonGreater LondonEmotion-led AI movie recommendations
Nyangibo GalleryLondonGreater LondonOnline gallery that offers a wide range of contemporary artworks from emerging and established artists
One Media iP GroupIver HeathSouth EastDigital music rights acquirer, publisher and distributor
Papercup AILondonGreater LondonAI language translation tool for voice used in video and television industry
ParliaLondonGreater LondonWikipedia of opinions' fighting misinformation
PicfairLondonGreater LondonImage licensing marketplace
PiingManchesterNorth WestPiing make games for crowds
PixelMaxManchesterNorth WestImmersive communications platform which brings virtual world to life
PufferfishEdinburghScotlandUses spherical displays to create immersive content solutions
RealmLondonGreater LondonPlay2own sustainable metaverse platform for play, content creation and socialising
RecraftLondonGreater LondonAI-powered image generator that allows users to create and edit vector art, icons, 3D images, and illustrations
RehegooLondonGreater LondonDigital streaming and eCommerce platforms providing fully-licenced background and sync music
RETìníZEBelfastNorthern IrelandStudio behind immersive tech software including fast-turnaround animation product
ROXiLondonGreater LondonMusic streaming platform
SceenicLondonGreater LondonAPI-enabled shared and personalised sports viewing experiences
ScreenHits TVLondonGreater LondonAggregator for streaming services
SeenitLondonGreater LondonCrowdsourced video platform
Sentric MusicLiverpoolNorth WestIndependent music publisher with royalty collection platform
SetmixerLondonGreater LondonSpecialist in automatic recording, mixing and mastering of music
SimworxKingswinfordMidlandsMedia-based attractions and motion simulation technology for theme parks
SmartFrameLondonGreater LondonImage-streaming network
Speech GraphicsEdinburghScotlandSoftware delivering speech animation and lip sync from audio alone
SpeechmaticsCambridgeEast of EnglandMachine learning and automatic speech recognition
SphereTraxHitchinSouth EastSearch engine for licensed music
SublyLondonGreater LondonAutomatically translates and transcribes subtitles
Sum VivasLiverpoolNorth WestProduces AI-integrated digital humans
SynchtankLondonGreater LondonRights management and royalty accounting solutions for music and media industries
SYNCRWolverhamptonMidlandsHelps artists get music featured on film and TV
SynthesiaLondonGreater LondonGenerates professional-looking AI videos from text
UnitaryLondonGreater LondonAI to detect harmful content and keep brands and platforms safe online
VISR DynamicsHullYorks & HumberMixed reality expert working with Microsoft and Google
VividQCambridgeEast of England3D holograph technology
VochleaLondonGreater LondonUse your voice to create music from any instrument
vTimeLiverpoolNorth WestAI-powered spatial engagement company
VulseManchesterNorth WestLinkedIn content creator and scheduling tool for small businesses
ZOO DigitalSheffieldYorks & HumberCloud-based dubbing, subtitling, localisation and distribution services for TV and movies