Join Sputnik Digital MD Andy Nicol for a hands-on webinar workshop which covers digital projects, legacy tech and web performance – and demonstrates how getting the engineering right helps meet objectives across UX, SEO and conversion.

Andy is a seasoned digital strategist with over 25 years of expertise delivering digital projects for brands including GoCompare, Swinton Insurance, Axelos and Fluent Money. 

Hosted by David Loughlan, founder of Two Beer Ideas and Data Idols, this free webinar will cover:

• Three real-world case studies that underscore the pivotal role of hosting infrastructure and code quality

• How strategic tech tweaks can drastically boost website ROI through enhanced search rankings and user conversions

• The hidden culprits potentially curtailing your website’s performance

• The tangible benefits of prioritising your tech stack hand-in-hand with user journey, content and CMS

• Actionable tips to unleash your website’s potential

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