The next episode of BusinessCloud’s podcast webinar series Demystifying Tech will feature Ali Hamriti, CEO & co-founder of Rollee.

Demystifying Tech, brought to you in association with Tyto PR, will examine the impact of tech on industry & the world around us via conversations with technologists at innovative companies.

The growing army of ‘gig economy’ freelance workers across sectors including taxis, deliveries, care, journalism, public relations and coding may have flexibility and independence, but an alarming 70% of them have been denied a loan despite having good credit scores. More than half have missed out on opportunities such as buying a new home due to being declined by building societies and banks.

Hamriti witnessed this growing problem first-hand while working in FinTech and resolved to help change the out-of-date financial system and serve the changing employment landscape.

His startup Rollee aims to improve financial inclusion for self-employed workers through an open finance solution which harnesses the power of payroll data, with more sources to follow soon.

Demystifying Tech will be streamed on and across social media platforms at 12pm on Friday 10th November. It will be made available on our YouTube channel and all major audio podcast platforms the following week.

The episode will:

• Discuss the problems faced by those operating in the gig economy

Explain how Rollee is helping them to access products such as credit and mortgages

• Reveal how the European company is growing at equal pace in France and the UK

• Advise startups on how to improve financial inclusivity – ‘Tech Takeaways’

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