We are now compiling our EdTech Insights report for 2024.

This will feature the views of companies which featured on our EdTech 50 ranking as well as experts from The Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology, EdTech Exchange, Educating Matters and Education Development Trust.

A range of questions for EdTech 50 innovators relating to past and future trends; accessibility and inclusion; company growth; and AI are below.

Answers to all closed ‘yes/no’ questions (in bold) are mandatory, to maximise statistical accuracy, but will remain anonymous.

Answers to all open questions (text box fields, not in bold) are optional. For each of these which you complete, please select whether your response is off-the-record or on-the-record (i.e. are you happy to be cited alongside the answer in the report?)

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Wednesday 7th February.

Thank you for contributing! And congratulations again on your inclusion in the 2024 EdTech 50 ranking.