Wordnerds is a software platform that helps brands uncover and understand the true voice of their customers.

By combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) with old-school linguistics, our disruptive tech is a new way to train computers to read – and genuinely understand – language, and not just count the words.

Most organisations have millions of tweets, emails, webchats, online reviews, CRM-entries and survey results written by and about them. Big data that—because words are so hard to understand—remains totally invisible.

Wordnerds combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Advanced Corpus Linguistics to provide automated understanding of unstructured text data. We deliver next-generation social listening, business insight software and automated text understanding to provide reliable and actionable insight.

Global and nationally recognised brands use our linguistics engine:

  • To find specific things in large datasets (people complaining about problems with their service or product on Twitter, identifying leads, finding people who care about an issue etc.)
  • To spot trends and see what issues people are talking about
  • To understand how people feel about an issue, product or service, taking large quantities of text and summarising it in real-time (what learning can be gleaned from 15,000 Amazon reviews? What information is held in 3 million forum posts? What problems do you have that similarly sized competitors don’t? How can you make objective and quantifiable sense of the thousands of survey responses you have, each with long “any other comments” fields? How is sentiment changing over time?)

Based in Gateshead, Wordnerds is an award-winning, outward-looking growing brand, very proud to be part of the North East tech scene.