Visionable is an advanced clinical grade collaboration platform, with unique multi-stream video and data sharing technology that enables native-resolution sharing of video, data and medical device imaging to support accelerated diagnostics and treatment decisions, safely, securely and efficiently.

It is the only platform with a suite of solutions created to address the unique challenges faced in healthcare. Used together, they provide a seamless end-to-end experience for healthcare professionals and patients.

Supporting the entire care pathway; from initial consultation, through emergency care, hospital treatment and at-home care. We are able to bring people, technology and healthcare together, to deliver the best patient-centric care to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Transforming clinical pathways

Our work with the NHS East England Stroke Telemedicine Partnership has made real changes to patient outcomes; enabling emergency departments (ED) to connect patients with critical expertise when and where they need it, allowing health and social care teams to work more efficiently, reducing door-to-needle (DTN) time, and ensuring patients receive faster, better treatment because the stroke specialist comes directly to them. Read case study >

Improving patient outcomes using video appointments

Visionable partnered with Southern Health to develop the Virtual Consultation Platform, a unique application for managing patient consultations safely and securely, resulting in reduced Did Not Attend (DNA) rates and increased patient facing activity, saving both patients and clinicians’ valuable time and money. Read case study >

Connecting patients with loved ones during Covid-19

As the coronavirus swept across England, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust needed a way for patients to remain in contact with their loved ones whilst in lockdown. Visionable partnered with WifiSpark to deliver a simple digital healthcare solution. The Visionable Connect video calling app enabled professionals to support patients without having to visit their bedside and allow patients to make calls from intensive care to say goodbye to loved ones. Read case study >

Improving access, quality and cost of healthcare services for detained patients

Visionable has been fully approved by Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service’s IT Management and Security team to deliver secure, encrypted telemedicine consultations in its facilities. Visionable links each of its prisons to local hospitals, allowing them to reduce the number of physical hospital visits made by prisoners.


  • Proud to be Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device
  • One of only two UK companies approved for patient consultations in secure settings/prisons

Tried and trusted by

  • 25% of the top 100 UK hospitals
  • 100 NHS organisations
  • 46 NHS Trusts
  • 144 secure clinical settings including prisons, children’s homes and immigration centres
  • Over 16,000 NHS staff members