Tassomai is a leading UK edtech company based in East London, established by Murray Morrison in 2013.

Tassomai has humble origins: a tool designed to simply help the founder’s own students master learning through sustained, organised practice.

Recent years have seen Tassomai reach over 500 schools, whose students have collectively answered more than two billion questions on the platform. This should not distract from Tassomai’s essential strength: that it is a platform that works – a robust, impactful method of learning through which any student, regardless of circumstance, improves their knowledge and chances of academic success.

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Tassomai is both a B2B business, working with schools across England and Wales, and a B2C business through direct sales to private subscribing families. As such, Tassomai has a wide reach, working with 5000+ teachers, and 150,000+ students and their parents each year.

How Tassomai works

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The software is used by students to boost their key curriculum knowledge and understanding in 10 different subjects. When used by schools, Tassomai provides teachers of Key Stage 3 and 4 students with crucial attainment and intervention data. Students participate in daily low-stakes quizzes with material that reinforces factual recall and they receive immediate feedback which also goes to teachers and parents.

The program uses continuous rapid assessment to adapt its style of quizzing to suit every student, differentiating for difficulty and varying spacing and interleaving of content to ensure problem areas get the greater attention they need, while stronger or improving areas get continually refreshed.

Time saving for teachers

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In its provision of an ongoing, adaptive, self-marking homework, its feedback and support for learners, and its acquisition of assessment data for classroom teachers and SLT, Tassomai saves each member of staff time that can be spent more productively on teaching and intervention. Separate case studies have reported a saving of 2 hours per staff member per week, or 100-150 weekly hours’ of collective staff effort saved, while actively increasing student attainment.

Powerful new AI features

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Over the past year, Tassomai has delivered groundbreaking innovation, most notably the integration of an AI tutor, “Mai”, into the adaptive retrieval practice platform. This transformative addition represents a leap forward in levelling the educational playing field, with the potential to provide personalised AI-powered support to students across the country.

Introducing Tassomai – for students, parents and teachers from Tassomai on Vimeo.