Created by educators, Tapestry is an easy-to-use, secure online learning journal helping staff and families celebrate and support their children’s learning from Early Years to Year 6. Each subscription gives access to a wide variety of features designed to reduce workload and assist the development of each setting and school’s provision. 

Engagement with parents and carers

Through Observations, educators and families can collaborate in equal partnership to build a child’s learning journal, providing staff with a place to record meaningful feedback with families and children.

Tapestry - child’s observation page

Child’s observation page

Communicate efficiently with parents and carers, sharing news and updates including documents, pictures and videos via Memos. Create, store and send bespoke Activities for groups of children or an individual child, responding to their unique learning needs.

Write central, downloadable Reports with a consistent format throughout your setting. 

Monitoring each child’s learning and development 

Tapestry supports the move from data-centred assessment to a child-centred approach. Build a child’s learning story with observations organised using the EYFS 2021 flags, the National Curriculum objectives, or Montessori assessments, among many others. 

Monitor individual children’s development in the early years through the Areas of Concern screen, reviewing your collection of observations to help you quickly identify children who may need support to access the provision provided.

Tapestry - Areas of Concern screen

Areas of Concern screen

Children with learning differences

All children are entitled to child-centred assessment, not just those who are developing typically.

The Cherry Garden framework is a child-centred tool created to support educators working with children with learning differences. Development doesn’t necessarily look the same for all children, and the unique interactive orchard provides the opportunity to celebrate progress and engage children and families with their learning.

Tapestry - Cherry Garden Orchard

Cherry Garden Orchard

Encourage reflective practice and nurture staff wellbeing

Reflective practice enables early years provision to be responsive and evolve as the needs of children, families and staff change. Tapestry Reflections provides a space for educators to share and discuss thoughts, experiences, and actions.

  • Monitor, share, and consider a child’s learning story, adapting your provision to support their progress. 
  • Record thoughts and initiatives, creating a reflective timeline of their impact on your pedagogy and provision.
  • Engage in team reflective practice, and share knowledge and experience with each other, developing individual and team expertise.
  • Gain insight into the pedagogical knowledge and confidence of staff. Tailor training and support to the needs of individuals and the team.

Achievable CPD when and how you need it

With renewed calls for high-quality CPD, Tapestry’s CPD feature brings you courses to support your professional learning, as well as training to help you with using Tapestry in your setting.

In collaboration with sector experts, such as Siren Films, Tapestry’s experienced education and support teams are creating engaging and interactive content that your team can access at a time that works best for them.

Tapestry CPD homepage

Tapestry CPD home page

Need to Know 

1. The Tapestry app is a pared-down version of the browser, designed to allow efficient uploading, viewing and editing of posts. 

2. Upload unlimited media and files, create as many staff and relative profiles as necessary, download the app as many times as you need, use as many devices as you wish. 

3. Encourage independent learning with access for each child to their own learning journal through the Child Login feature


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