Cassie from Syrenis helps global, household name brands thrive in new and evolving data consent landscapes. 

Cassie is a consent management platform that manages all customer consent and preferences, across all customer touchpoints, enhancing customer experience compliantly and creating new opportunities for sales growth.

Data privacy legislation and changes by Big-Tech have created new requirements for organisations to honour and respect customers’ consent and preferences. 

For large companies, trading globally across multiple legislations, handling millions of transactions daily, and often working in highly regulated environments the challenges of managing customer data across multiple systems in real time are huge.

We help marketing, tech and risk and compliance teams seize the opportunities that new data rules present to:

      • Build the sorts of relationships that customers want, across multiple channels

      • Direct marketing spend to where it will be most effective

      • Increase engagement with marketing

      • Empower customers 

      • Build trust in a changing world

      • Increase brand loyalty

      • Meet changing customer expectations around privacy and respect of their preferences

      • Optimise data processes in the context of legislation

Our customers include some of the world’s most known and most-loved brands.