Sputnik Digital is a digital transformation agency combining intuitive UX / UI with secure, scalable and optimised engineering.

Led by founder and MD Andy Nicol, a seasoned digital strategist with over 25 years of expertise, we have delivered major projects for brands including GoCompare, Swinton Insurance, Axelos and Fluent Money.

Our strong creative and technical team designs and builds innovative, enterprise-grade digital products that are fast, secure and scalable for our clients. We have a reputation for complex engineering projects in heavily regulated industries such as financial services.

Case studies

Great code brings peace of mind through increased reliability and security, better user experience, reduced server costs and improved sustainability and accessibility.

If that wasn’t enough, our analysts have demonstrated significant ROI through improved SEO and conversion.

For example, one of our web build projects saw a PLC climb from #8 to #1 in Google for “car insurance” in just a few months as a direct result of our commitment to great code and robust hosting infrastructure.

A similar engagement for another client saw a lift in Google ranking from #20 to #5 for high volume / high value terms including ‘bike insurance’, ‘motorbike insurance’ and ‘motorcycle insurance’.

Yet another real world example of the impact of better code saw a 19% improvement in conversion through the customer journey on mobile devices, with an average of 7.5% across all devices.

Most importantly, we build with our client partners, helping them to realise opportunities they didn’t even know existed – while ensuring superb performance and almost 100% uptime.

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