is the platform that makes diagnostic and preventable medical imaging accessible to all.

It integrates with private hospitals and diagnostic centres via a proprietary API, and makes their spare capacity available to patients via a website ( and a B2B portal/API.

About us

At, we think about medical imaging so that you don’t have to.

As the leading network of private medical imaging services across Europe and the USA, we’re always talking about scans. But most people don’t, until they really need one.

What happens then? If you’re in pain, or seeking peace of mind, you want answers as soon as possible. Unfortunately, conflicting information, long waiting lists and the fear of the unknown can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we built We’ve streamlined the process of finding private imaging, and created an easy-to-use scan booking platform. We also assembled a team of experienced clinicians to speed up referrals, and created a wealth of information to help you get from unknowns to answers.

We’re pioneering efficient and affordable access to private scans in three countries, and are used by clinicians and patients alike. By rebuilding the infrastructure of this complex industry, we’re providing better patient outcomes and saving lives along the way.

Why choose

Choice matters when it comes to your health. With, you’ll receive complete transparency, clear pricing, and the freedom to select the options that suit you best.

  • Search for a scan type at a convenient location near you. Choose from 150+ scanning centres, compare prices to suit your budget, and book online in minutes.
  • Every medical scan booking includes a 1-1 consultation call with an expert clinician. They’ll ask about your symptoms, make sure you’re receiving the correct scan, process your referral, and put your mind at ease.
  • We also offer a portal for referring clinicians to enter their patients into our scanning pathway, and receive the same benefits: choice of price and location, expert clinical vetting, and a fast-tracked process from referral to results.

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