Recordsure’s state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology ReviewAI delivers world-class speech and document analytics for regulated industries. Our award-winning combination connects the power of smart tech with your smart people.

Through our unique duo of ReviewAI products we help businesses achieve 100% oversight to create a more efficient review process. Established for over ten years, Recordsure’s ‘industry-first’ platforms provide businesses with greater transparency whilst supporting proactive and reactive compliance. Trusted and used by Tier 1 banks and the UK government, Recordsure brings intelligent insight to customer conversations and interactions.

Our industry leading ReviewAI suite includes ConversationReviewAI and CaseReviewAI products.

Collectively, the ReviewAI suite supports firms with their end-to-end quality assurance and compliance by providing tools that can:

― Collect and classify on-the-ground evidence across multiple different mediums (for speech and written word)
― Automatically identify and highlight key pieces of information for quick review access
― Automatically prioritise your review pipeline based on a risk-based score approach tailored to the firms’ risk appetite
― Automatically provide an ability to summarise customer outcomes and compliance assurance supported with corresponding evidence

With these capabilities, we drive consistency in output and enable clients to become more efficient and effective when solving compliance challenges. Business benefits include:

― 100% supervisory oversight
― 2x faster QA and case reviews
― 100% of key personnel time spent focused on high-risk reviews
― Consistency of output
― Compliance evidencing
― Increased size of client-facing teams without expanding QA team resource
― Move from random sampling c.5% of interactions to 100% oversight
― Tangible evidence of compliance, processes adherence and/or good practice


Our revolutionary approach to customer conversations identifies the highest risk cases that require the most attention, allowing your reviewers to focus their time more effectively. It does this by analysing verbal communications across the full customer life cycle and completing process adherence checks across 100% of these. Our AI model consistently applies an organisation’s processes and frameworks to its analysis, freeing up your skilled staff to handle other important tasks.

• ConversationReviewAI is different to other speech analytics tools. By building neural networks to create our AI model trained on thousands of hours of high-quality data from sector specific conversations, we achieve an accuracy rate of approx. 96%. The first of the product’s three modules – Capture – records customer conversations, whether that be face to face, on the phone or online. This high-quality record allows compliance teams to ‘be in the room every time’, which in turn allows for broader oversight of every single conversation. The second stage of ConversationReviewAI then transitions to the Classify module, which uses sophisticated speech analytics to visually organise conversations thematically using AI trained on use case specific dialogue, helping to align points of conversations to a QA team’s review checklist. And finally, the Assure module of ConversationReviewAI then uses AI to identify whether your firm’s bespoke processes were followed in a conversation, issuing a score based on its level of process adherence.

• Firms that adopt ConversationReviewAI’s risk-based approach to reviews will in turn be able to deep-dive consumer conversation data unlike ever before. As well as the Management Information and metrics that are created by virtue of using the product, it also provides a baseline of data to understand the process adherence failures that may deliver poor outcomes for consumers. By having more data of your customer conversations it’s easier to highlight where any issues may lie and a build a thorough picture of your customer journeys – providing the insight to remediate where necessary. ConversationReviewAI can also help with thematic reviews, for example our AI can perform thematic call analysis to identify key risk indicators across large volumes of cases with minimal effort. It’s about allowing AI to do the heavy lifting so you can focus your resource on the tasks that require human intervention.


A powerful tool that allows users to navigate complex case documentation quickly and efficiently. Our AI models are trained on sector specific language by subject matter experts to apply review frameworks more accurately than humans, ensuring consistency every time. Our built-in root cause analysis tool then surfaces any themes or trends amongst your reviews, enabling more targeted training and competency interventions.

• By providing a single, consistent view of your cases, CaseReviewAI allows your reviewers to be smarter with their searching and provides real time integration with CRM, Workflow, BPMS, DPS or Practice Management applications. Your data is broken down with smart search features and options to integrate directly with other IT systems whilst categorising and dating every record for ease of analysis.

• Ease of use for the reviewer is a fundamental feature of CaseReviewAI and it’s simple to add notes, bookmarks, tags and counters to your records and cases which are all accessible through one simple dashboard. Our automated tools are regularly used by firms to deliver consistency in everyday monitoring and to drive a standardisation that ensures similar cases always receive similar outcomes. Firms can also target specific document and content types for thematic reviews to focus on areas with the greatest compliance risk before they become a problem.

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