Inefficient. Poor visibility. Lack of control. Impacting work and cash flow.

That is how companies described the processes teams grappled with when generating quotes and proposals for clients.

We thought, if other areas of business benefit from cloud-based solutions, isn’t it time that quote management systems started working for companies?

Welcome to 21st Century quote management

This is software built from a simple and powerful idea.

QuoteOnSite lets management and teams work in real-time. Quotes are generated and all changes, requests and communication updated automatically. What’s more, the whole sales pipeline is visible in one dashboard.


Here’s what we stopped

QuoteOnSite ended the need to manually update changes to price lists, it centralises lists so they are never out of date.

It stopped teams having to track and chase sign offs from clients – all communication is now in one place.

It prevented people getting stuck in silos, relying on different Word and Excel spreadsheets.

It stopped teams working offsite having to return to the office to generate and adjust quotes.

Here’s what we started

Clients tell us that with QuoteOnSite, they started to identify and then dismantle bottlenecks in how quote and proposal processes were managed.

Teams started to use QuoteOnSite and welcomed how easy it is to create quotes – with all details available to them whether they were working on site or off – helping them to qualify and close deals.

Management teams found the visibility and control they’d been looking for. The dashboard sets out what is in progress, what requires authorisation and whether billing is up to date.

By automating key contact points, it is now easy to maintain clear timelines, keep project admin up to date and payment schedules on track.

Why get by, when you can thrive?

Yes, it is clearly better to have a centralised quoting system which improves efficiencies and cash flow.

But why stop there?

QuoteOnSite also allows companies to add sales promotions, and unlike traditional email marketing, clients can accept the offer, or ask questions – with no need to resort to emails, visit a website or call an office.


Accepted offers are automatically added to the sales pipeline, so companies can gauge success rates, profitability and client interactions from a single screen.

This is a quote management system that gives companies control of the sales pipeline, and makes it easier to maintain communications with clients.

Better for management, better for clients, better for teams.

In fact, there is no better time than now for QuoteOnSite.

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