Percayso Inform’s award-winning insurance intelligence goes beyond traditional data enrichment by providing unique solutions at all stages of the insurance lifecycle. We deliver unrivalled uplift for both insurers and brokers, driving improved outcomes across pricing, claims and fraud.

Our modular solution is comprised of a series of integrated propositions, starting with the Percayso Enrich data hub.

Enrich provides instant access to the most comprehensive and accurate data in the market on individuals, vehicles, properties, businesses, quotes, policies and claims – all of which can be accessed via one simple API call and at aggregator volumes.

Our Inform module provides the intelligence layer offering unique capabilities and flexibility to manage and amend your own data enrichment strategies, consume the latest scores and models and gain a competitive advantage through the application of advanced analytics.

Our propositions represent a substantial step forward for any insurance business looking to improve pricing and retention, reduce fraud and claims and increase portfolio size and profitability.