Ostara Biomedical was founded to give the 100 million people worldwide that struggle to conceive access to cost-effective treatments and advice.

The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Dr Nadia Gopichandran, Ostara is working to improve the fertility sector through its Ostara Fertility Pathway – a modern-day end-to-end fertility solution.

The pathway includes innovative proprietary products (co-invented by Dr Gopichandran) and will be supported by a digital platform for pregnancy information, clinical help and products to improve pregnancy success rates.

Among Ostara’s new and revolutionary suite of products is Evie™. This is the first slow-release intrauterine insemination (IUI) device of its kind and a less-invasive alternative to IVF that’s also more cost-effective.

As well as helping millions of people improve their chances of getting pregnant, Ostara aims to plug the treatment gap and to cement the company – and its products – as a global leader in the fertility market.

So how big of a problem is infertility right now?

It’s estimated that couples, state healthcare and national economies spend an enormous $30 billion on fertility treatments each year. What’s more, demand increases by 10% each year from those of child-bearing age.

One of the reasons fertility solutions are so expensive is there are many different SMEs marketing individual products at different stages of the fertility cycle. However, not one company is offering a holistic approach.

In response, Ostara aims to be there at every stage with expert products, solutions and advice, from the point of an individual trying to conceive, through to diagnosis, stimulation, treatment (IUI or IVF) and pregnancy.

Ostara’s work outside of human fertility

Ostara was partly born out of Dr Gopichandran’s 15 years plus experience in women’s health. The CEO also brings to Ostara a wealth of experience from her time working as a reproductive science researcher and with several university spin-out companies that focused on the artificial reproduction of animals.

As such, part of Ostara’s work looks to apply its expertise and proprietary semen technology to other mammalian species, such as mice. The Company is also currently part of a collaborative international programme to address high-value bull and dairy cattle breeding.

About Dr Nadia Gopichandran (B.Sc., Ph. D, Univ. York)

Dr Nadia Gopichandran is the CEO of Ostara Biomedical and the co-inventor of Ostara’s unique and innovative product line. This includes a comprehensive portfolio of patents, other supporting trademarks, and design rights in key commercial target markets.

A proven entrepreneur, she has a PhD in Biology from the University of York, over 15 years of experience in women’s health and commercial experience managing a series of early-stage companies.