Who is Open Medical?

Our team at Open Medical is composed of clinician-led digital health pioneers who have played a pivotal role in the development of our award-winning clinical workflow platform, Pathpoint. This platform is currently used across 150+ sites in the UK and Europe. At Open Medical, we join healthcare providers on their journey towards digital transformation.

Our mission is to facilitate streamlined clinical workflows, foster collaboration among distributed teams, and bridge the gap between primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings. We understand that this journey is an ongoing process, continuously adapting and evolving over time. That’s why we forge strong partnerships with healthcare organisations, offering our expertise in healthcare consultancy, digital transformation, and software engineering. Together, we navigate the path towards achieving their unique vision, encompassing overarching goals and individual needs, regardless of project magnitude or complexity. Our track record speaks for itself, boasting a 100% clinician satisfaction rate and a 96% user satisfaction rate.

Our Service

We collaborate with our clients to help them identify current problems and prioritise needs, as well as provide consultation to arrive at the solution best suited to their wishes. We provide integration to existing systems to avoid fragmentation in processes, and our in-house engineers provide a suite of tailored digital solutions powered by the intelligent pathway-mapping engine, Pathpoint.

About Pathpoint:

Pathpoint is a cloud-based platform that enhances collaboration and communication in healthcare. It visualises, synchronises, and prioritises clinical decisions for data-driven care delivery. With a modular architecture, it easily adapts to local processes and scales as needed. Pathpoint integrates with hospital systems, including e-RS, PAS, MESH, and all EPRs, automates treatment pathway coding, and makes use of natural language processing to generate real-time data for reporting and meaningful care metrics. It ensures secure patient data storage and enables close monitoring of patients’ care pathways, optimising interventions for improved care.

On-going Support:

After your solution is developed, we provide on-site training for all teams. We offer extensive user training for all teams through in-person and virtual sessions and a resource library which consists of videos, presentations and system user guides, as well as continuous monitoring and support. We also support change requests, system configuration and new feature implementation as part of the ongoing service. We evolve and adapt our pathways along with user requirements, such as changes to models of care provision in line with best practice. We work together to ensure optimal user experience and client satisfaction throughout the entire digital journey. We care about user feedback and user experience, and we check in regularly to ensure client satisfaction.

What Sets Us Apart

At Open Medical, we pride ourselves on being a unique company in the digital health industry. Our remarkable growth rate of 100% year on year stands as a true testament to our exceptional business model and innovative strategies. In a world where many companies rely on external funding to survive, we stand out as a self-funded entity.

Our unique approach to the healthcare industry has enabled us to deliver outstanding results and continually innovate, developing new products that provide value to our customers without compromising on quality. We firmly believe that with the right business model and a dedicated team, remarkable outcomes can be achieved, creating genuine value for the healthcare industry.

Our Successes

Pathpoint is an acclaimed digital transformation solution, recognised with multiple awards. These range from quality in care for dermatology to net-zero initiative of the year and supporting community care during COVID-19. Our innovation team has also secured numerous grants from diverse grant bodies, highlighting our commitment to driving innovation in healthcare. Additionally, Open Medical has earned recognition and given a place on esteemed lists such as CB Insights’ top 150 digital health companies, Tussell Tech 200, and the UK Business Cloud HealthTech top 50.

We have successfully supported healthcare organisations of various sizes and complexities, spanning from individual departments to multi-departmental, trust-wide, and ICS-wide implementations.

Through our expertise, healthcare sites have experienced remarkable efficiency improvements, with one site successfully progressing from a mere 1% of their target to an impressive 98% achievement rate. Additionally, our solution has generated substantial cost savings and significant reductions in carbon footprint. For instance, one Trust achieved carbon savings equivalent to circling the Earth approximately six times in just a single year of implementing our solution.

Case Studies: openmedical.co.uk/case-studies
News: openmedical.co.uk/news

Origin Story

Open Medical traces its roots back to the inception of Pathpoint eTrauma—a solution born out of necessity. Led by Harry Lykostratis, a practicing orthopaedic surgeon who later became the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and lead engineer of Open Medical. On a Saturday morning in 2011, Harry arrived at his practice to find the whiteboard containing the trauma list, the sole repository of critical patient information, had been wiped clean. This sparked Harry’s determination to develop a solution that would optimise healthcare management and prevent such mishaps. Thus, Pathpoint eTrauma laid the foundation for Open Medical’s remarkable journey.

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