Omnio is a high-growth financial services infrastructure provider bringing the best of banking capabilities and customer engagement / loyalty together in a single platform. Headquartered in London with operations in the U.K. and Europe, they support many of the world’s leading corporates and financial institutions in delivering innovative and effective banking, payment and loyalty solutions.

Omnio aims to be the platform of choice for banks and retailers seeking to enhance their customer journey with a suite of unified digital products, including membership services, payment-linked loyalty & rewards and embedded financial services. Our cloud-based platform, OMNICORE, allows retailers to easily blend these solutions together to create powerful customer propositions, with a scalable ‘pay as-you-grow’ subscription model. Customers benefit from an improved experience, driving engagement and increased spending, while retailers capture more wealth (and data!) in their ecosystem, generating new revenue and protecting market share.

Omnio’s leading Banking-as-a-Service offering includes Domec’s loyalty platform and Sercle, the UK’s leading credit union platform, that serves more than 130 small financial institutions. In total over 1.6 million members of its credit unions, leading consumer brands and financial institutions in UK, Ireland and Italy can benefit from Omnio’s products and services.

Omnio will be combined with Swiss Bankers and Nordiska to create a pan-European financial solutions group. The Swedish Banking-as-a-service provider Nordiska, combined with Swiss Bankers, the largest pre-paid card provider in Switzerland, and Omnio, will deliver financial solutions and products to around 2 million European consumers in lending, pre-paid cards, digital payments and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS).