Diesel generators are everywhere. From construction sites to data centres – even providing backup power to wind farms – diesel remains the most reliable and secure way for businesses to access the power they need, when they need it. This necessity for energy security is stalling the net zero transition.

At IPG, we’re committed to tackling this. Today, we’re working with the construction industry to demonstrate that our clean, fuel-agnostic renewable generator is the solution for accelerating the transition to green fuels in hard-to-abate sectors. 

Backed by academic institutions, government agencies and pioneering manufacturing and commercial partners, our founding team came together with our patented Flameless Combustion technology to deliver a fuel-agnostic generator to guarantee access to clean, on-demand power from any fuel, in any industry, anywhere.

The IPG Flameless Generator

The IPG Flameless Generator

Tackling the $30bn challenge of replacing diesel generators

The diesel generator market is projected to almost double to $30bn by 2030, growth that is stalling the transition to net zero in hard-to-abate sectors such as construction.

Despite clear net-zero ambitions, the construction industry is not replacing their diesel generators with renewably fuelled alternatives, like hydrogen generators, at scale. The primary reason: cost. Cost of renewable generators and the renewable fuels to run them. This lack of demand is preventing the creation of secure and abundant supply chains of these fuels, which in turn increases the risk of those generator assets becoming redundant. A chicken-and-egg scenario stalling climate action.

Our product, the IPG Flameless Generator breaks this cycle. A single generator that delivers pollutant-free power from any fuel. Meaning businesses can switch to renewable fuels today with the certainty of being able to use conventional fuels as backup if required. The result is a product that can benefit from economies of scale ahead of abundant supply of renewable fuels, thereby offering customers: 

1. the cheapest renewable generator available in the market – one that is cost-competitive with the diesel generator, 

2. access to any renewable fuel market – whichever is most abundant and cost-effective at any one time, and

3. zero risk of stranded assets by being able to use conventional fuels as back up.

Longer-term, scaled deployment of the IPG Flameless Generator will help create the demand suppliers need to produce more renewable fuel for distributer power, eliminating the barriers for more businesses across industries to ditch their diesel generators at scale.

Our underlying magic

The IPG Flameless Generator uses our patented Flameless Combustion technology. This  enables us to not only deliver complete fuel-flexibility but does so without producing any of the harmful pollutant emissions that impact air quality in our local communities. 

Furthermore, owing to simple product design and the use of readily available materials and manufacturing methods, the IPG Flameless Generator offers businesses a low-capex, truly cost-effective, scalable, and future-proofed alternative to the diesel generator.

IPG Energy engineers

Roadmap to impact 

The impact on the environment of diesel generators is significant. A diesel generator on a construction site can consume upwards of 91,000 ltrs of diesel a year, which equates to 245 metric tons of CO2 annually. In London, for example, 14.5% of the most harmful emissions such as PM2.5 are estimated to be from stationary diesel generators on construction sites. With approximately 82 million units in operation globally in 2020, the emissions generated are substantial. 

Thanks to our £1 million prototype project with National Highways that completed last year and the support of our investors on our journey, IPG Energy is now primed to start delivering impact.

We will soon be deploying the first of our in-field product demonstrations with some of the largest construction companies in the UK and Europe as we prepare to start manufacturing our product for sales into the construction industry.

We also look forward to working with further construction companies as well as expanding to other sectors where replacing diesel generators poses an equally significant challenge, such as the marine, mining and microgrid industries to demonstrate the impact of our solution for enabling a rapid, wide-scale transition to net zero.  

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For further information on how the energy security and clean emissions benefits of IPG Energy’s product can help decarbonise your business, and to find out more about our demonstration trials, contact info@ipg.energy.