Intoware was founded on the vision of being the first-choice partner for the connected workforce.

Although the way we work has already been changed by industry 4.0 technologies, including cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality, billions of business-critical tasks are still manual or paper based.

These processes are difficult to audit, can be easily lost or damaged and are very inefficient and tough to analyse. Our digital work-instruction platform WorkfloPlus has been designed to improve efficiency and provide ‘real-time’ data-insights to accelerate your business performance.

Working smarter, not harder with WorkfloPlus

Designed to be accessed via smartphones, tablets, desktop and RealWear assisted reality (AR) wearable devices, WorkfloPlus automatically generates digital ‘work-instructions’, schedules and reports. It eliminates the need for time consuming paper-based preparations out in the field, empowering frontline teams to work faster and collaborate as reports are shared instantly, saving teams valuable time and cost.

It also features Remote Expert video calling systems such as HPE MyRoom and Simply Video that allows workers to instantly share live video, audio and photos with colleagues and supervisors back at HQ to troubleshoot and resolve issues when out in the field or a remote manufacturing plant.

This is how it works – imagine being able to see how long each task really takes; taking photos or videos to record information in ‘real-time’; accessing a process by scanning a barcode or calling for ‘live-help’ if things need attention – all through a mobile device or headset. Then being able to keep that process up to date simply, knowing that all those who use it are working to the new process.

The detail and simplicity of Intoware’s digital workflows for staff onboarding, asset inspections and repairs help industrial enterprises to access key, often unique data insights. This together with a fast and easy deployment, live job updates and alerts, integrated Remote Expert and great support from our technical development team enables enhanced efficiencies and safer working practices.

Proven productivity gains

The value our clients receive from the data insights WorkfloPlus provides, means that reporting is far more detailed and very specific to each individual step, action, location, time-span or job. Building up to a higher view to create trends, insights, analysis that could only be achieved previously via manual data entry processes – for one Intoware customer this realised a massive 200% increase in productivity gains. 

Our growing industrial client base from the utilities, manufacturing, rail transport, civil engineering and offshore oil sectors, includes a number from FTSE 100 companies. These are businesses that must meet production targets, reduce costs and improve quality. In addition to this, they have to meet rigorous safety regulations. 

This means they are looking to take advantage of the digital data that is needed to enable their workforce to quickly take action to avoid any downtime and streamline routine operations for greater resilience.

Case study: Automotive

A division of one of the world’s largest and respected automotive suppliers is seeing the benefits of the WorkfloPlus software in busy and critical areas of their plant operations. 

On a typical day thousands of bumpers, tailgates and other components are sprayed, assembled and processed and mistakes in the process can result in significant cost. 

Using WorkfloPlus hasn’t only removed the need for paper-based checks but provided much needed visibility and assurance that the correct set up processes are followed with clear audit trails for the team.

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Case study: Carrio Cabling

Carrio Cabling were looking for a way to identify assembly bottlenecks or unforeseen problems that were slowing down their current assembly process. 

Using WorkfloPlus they replaced the need for paper based processes with a digital solution that also allowed the management team to monitor the overall efficiency of the workforce in real-time as well as react quickly to any quality control issues.

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