Say hello to Human. We help HR teams take employee onboarding further than just new hire paperwork and make the process quicker, slicker and more compliant. Saving time, reducing manual effort and improving engagement.

We create new hire journeys that delight new colleagues and accelerate time to productivity. 

Make a great first impression and introduce new colleagues to your company’s culture and values and enable them to read and review induction material in their own time, from any device.

Ensure all new colleagues, regardless of location, receive a consistent experience and know that every new colleague has received the training you’d expect. Human makes the administrative tasks of accepting a new role simple and straightforward.

Your new hires can fill out paperwork, sign documents and get added to the payroll in just a few clicks. And our reference collection portal automates the process between you, your candidate and their referees.

Set notifications and reminders for your team and your candidates to manage their tasks in one easy to use platform. With seamless integrations, you can support candidates from recruitment and applicant tracking through to payroll and employee management.

Dot the I’s, cross the T’s and understand what documentation has been completed and what remains outstanding at a glance.

This is HR, made more human.

Reference Collection Portal - Human by Leighton

Uniform and Equipment E-Signatures - Human by Leighton The Track - Human by Leighton