hero was formed to have a positive influence on individuals, organisations and communities by supporting all types of healthy behaviour. 

hero uses consultancy to create sophisticated and intuitive technology and solutions, to help forward-thinking organisations to support mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing with evidence-based initiatives and real measurable ROI. 

Every human, team and organisation is unique. hero works with each client to find the best fit solution for them based on a detailed needs analysis.  

Supporting companies and organisations proactively look after the health and wellbeing of their employees has been the driving force behind hero developing one of the most comprehensive health and wellbeing platform and service model on the market today.  

hero has established itself as the ‘go to’ provider of wellness solutions to make being healthy an easier and more enjoyable part of everyday life for everyone. 

hero is developed on a strong digital foundation in a bid to offer personalisation to all aspects of its service. hero’s solution – the award-winning Navigator platform – has been designed so that users and organisations can access its web platform and app to gain a wide variety of company-wide tools and insights.   

Individuals can track habits, engage in programmes and challenges and gain access to comprehensive education and support library or gain access to personalised health improvement strategies with the help and support of trained and qualified specialists across physical and mental health. 

When we feel healthy, something magic happens. Individuals are more confident, self-assured and have a positive mindset. We are also more giving and open to helping others so it comes as no surprise that healthy and highly-engaged employees are, on average, up to 30 days more productive and organisations promoting health and wellbeing are 3.5 times more likely to be creative and innovative. 

By using Navigator, organisations can expect to see higher participation and engagement rates by using a more personalised and varied approach, focusing on every aspect of health from mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, activity and health goals based on personal objectives.  

hero’s Navigator platform allows this activity to be measured, bench-marked and valued. The ability to personalise health and wellbeing is vital and this is where organisations which recognise this will be the true winners.