Hammock is the property finance platform that helps landlords save time and money. We provide banking, bookkeeping, tax statement and business intelligence services for the property sector.

Banking: landlords can securely connect their existing bank accounts through Open Banking (Hammock is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of account information services, register no. 911254) and access, search and filter all their property transactions in real-time, on one screen only.

Bookkeeping: our automated bookkeeping categorises and reconciles all income and expenses with the corresponding properties and tenancies. All transactions are reconciled in line with the SA105 categories. We also notify landlords about any upcoming payments, as well as flagging any missing or late ones.

Property tax statement: as Making Tax Digital approaches, the Hammock property tax statement helps landlords get ready with fully digital records of their accounts, already categorised in line with the self assessment property tax categories. Hammock calculates a running tax forecast, so landlords can prepare in time and avoid any surprise tax bills. Landlords can also invite their business partners, accountants or assistants to their Hammock account, for real-time collaboration.

Property Insights: profit and loss statements per property, loan to value ratio, rental yields, occupancy rates, arrears balance, Hammock gives landlords real-time access to all the key data to track their buy to let investments.

Hammock also helps landlords stay on top of their compliance deadlines: documents and certificates can be uploaded, linked to the relevant property and get an expiry date assigned. From a month before the expiry date, Hammock will send automatic reminders for timely renewals.

Landlords can get started with our 30-day free trial and take the management of their property finances straight to their phone (the Hammock mobile app is available on the Apple Store and on Google Play).

To learn more, visit usehammock.com or email us at [email protected].