fu3e. is a real estate software platform designed for funds, owners, developers, and consultants to manage risk, costs, and milestones in real-time, offering live dashboards, drill-down capabilities into source data, connection via APIs, and automation of manual tasks.

The problem we are solving.

fu3e. is dedicated to revolutionising the real estate industry by tackling a multitude of challenges that have long plagued it. By automating and streamlining manual processes involved in tracking projects, it eliminates the need for time-consuming report chasing, ensuring timely updates. With constantly evolving project risks, fu3e. ensures that data remains current and responsive to the changing landscape. Its ability to generate reports in various formats and offer the power to drill down into data empowers users with actionable insights. 

The platform also introduces an audit trail through centralised storage, enhancing transparency and accountability. fu3e. harmonises data from disparate sources for executive reporting and simplifies the management of payment requests, invoicing data, and certificates through integrated registers. By consolidating information from various platforms, it promotes efficiency and reduces data silos. 

Moreover, fu3e. minimises the potential for manual approval errors, oversights, and aids in the swift location of previously issued certifications. In sum, fu3e. is reshaping real estate by addressing critical pain points, ushering in an era of efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

How we solve it.

We provide customers with a single platform, serving as the ultimate source of truth, where data is standardised and consolidated for clarity and accuracy. With our live dashboard, users gain real-time insights and access to critical information. 

We empower effective risk management and control, ensuring that project risks are proactively identified and mitigated. Efficiency is at the core of our approach, streamlining processes, and automating manual tasks. 

Through our platform, users can easily track progress and gain visibility into various aspects of their projects, fostering informed decision-making. fu3e. is committed to simplifying the complex landscape of real estate, providing a seamless experience that optimises operations and enhances portfolio, project, and programme management.

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