e-bate started as a team of rebate management specialists and software developers at an award-winning IT consultancy. Our team specialised in building bespoke rebate solutions for companies that could not find a solution to fit their needs. 

Rather than re-invent the wheel for each client, we recognised that there was a gap in the market for an intelligent rebate management solution that married end to end management with the clients’ processes.  In 2018, e-bate was born.  Its purpose being to deliver a full end to end SaaS rebate management solution that offers a seamless user experience with intelligent tools to run your rebate program your way.

Led by founder and CEO Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE, our leadership team has over 50 years of combined rebate management experience, so you can guarantee that you will always receive class-leading customer support. 

Our team, tool and techniques are what set us apart from our competitors:  We combine strategic advice from our rebate professionals with client-centric processes and a technology-powered intelligent rebate management solution. 

At e-bate, we believe in making things better. Our mission is to be the number 1 rebate management product globally, providing outstanding user experience from implementation to product support. 

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What is e-bate? 

Analyse your rebate data in real time to make informed and accurate business decisions, every time with e-bate: Intelligent Rebate Management Software.

Rebates, incentives, discounts, kickbacks; whatever you call them in your business, they are designed to make trading relationships and profits flourish, but managing them can be a huge task, especially if rebate deals are complex. Using spreadsheets or ineffective software tools to manage rebates can be costly; just one error in one cell can cost a business tens of thousands of pounds.

e-bate is an award-winning Saas solution that digitises and automates the entire rebate process, from contract creation and management through to calculating and transacting in real-time, whilst reconciling payments and claims for optimal financial transparency.

So instead of hours of manual processing and painstaking report building with unreliable data, you can run calculations in seconds to see the rebates you’ve hit, and invoice straight away for immediate cash flow impact.


Everyone from Finance teams, management, buyers and suppliers throughout the entire supply chain can easily process deals with greater accuracy and minimised risk with e-bate. Live analytics dashboard help users understand how contracts are performing and what rebate strategies are working, enabling powerful and fast decision-making.

Say goodbye to silo working for good and improve relationships with full visibility between teams. And, use The Portal for powerful supply chain collaboration, where you can share key or sensitive information with buyers, suppliers and buying group members. 

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Our top features

  • Process complex rebates in seconds and avoid human error with a real time calculation engine
  • Avoid payment and claim delays with instant financial analysis
  • Increase visibility of rebate performance with user-centric dashboards 
  • Collaborate across the supply chain with our interactive portal
  • Stay ahead of business changes with real-time forecasting
  • Make the right decisions at the right time through tailored reporting and alerts
  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance with full audit capabilities
  • Avoid human error and duplication with flexible rebate creation
  • Provide transparency across teams through system integration

Key customers

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