Doordeck provides a software-based, readerless approach to mobile access control. Enabling enterprises of any size to upgrade to scalable and secure mobile access, in the quickest, least disruptive, and costly way.

Reversing traditional access control system architecture, Doordeck simply provides a self-install, wireless, passive NFC door tile that is placed next to an existing door reader. The NFC technology that is built in the user’s iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android mobile, becomes the secure authentication device & power source to activate door unlocks. This means that Doordeck enables you to keep your perfectly functioning readers in place regardless of the brand or legacy access control reader’s age. No ripping out of old readers, no electronic waste, and no pulling new cable. 

Doordeck integrates with major access control brand systems and has the ability to unify trusted legacy brand systems under one centralised management system. Offering property managers with a large portfolio of buildings a useful ‘single pane of glass’ solution, helping to manage multiple buildings just as easily as one, alongside the ability to report and analyse aggregated access data. 


Access data is secure and stored remotely, alongside data backup abilities and the capability to maintain a record of historical access data. Our cloud-based access control solution is secured with enhanced military-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication and permission based hierarchical security.

Doordeck provides real-time door unlock data as log files for analytics which can also be integrated into identity and workplace management platforms via an open SDK, showing how many people are in a building, room or space at any given time. Unlock times and volume help to understand building occupancy levels and identify trends. 

Doordeck’s SDK can also integrate with third party building or tenant experience apps. Allowing organisations to keep their existing building or tenant experience app, and simply add to its capabilities, generating a value add, and eventually an ROI. Mobile credentials provide the ultimate user experience by providing the flexibility to store keys to multiple facilities securely in the one place, rather than carrying around loose credentials that are at risk of being lost, forgotten, or stolen. One can also leverage the inherent security features that come with smartphones, including, 2FA, as well as failing over into a secure state when lost or stolen, unlike passive credentials that never turn off. Doordeck’s digital visitor passes take the pain out of the visitor registration and management process for both the guest and receptionist and hands the power back to the host. Providing a hassle-free, paperless and frictionless check-in process for visitors and providing the ability to remotely and securely grant a digital time-limited visitor pass from anywhere, at any time, perfect for granting access out of hours. Additionally, enterprises now don’t have to invest in printing equipment, materials or allocate resources for the production and management of physical credentials.

Feature & benefit summary

• No physical credentials or new door readers hardware required.
• Secure NFC mobile entry software solution.
• Enhance building security whilst removing the cost of credentials.
• Unify a combination of pre-installed access control systems all under one software platform.
• Manage permissions and digital credentials to grant time restricted access 24/7 from anywhere.
• Cost-effective, quick and easy remote installation without any downtime.
• Real-time rich data for building and room usage.
• Provides a value add for third party apps via SDK integration.