Digital Pathways have been at the forefront of data protection for over two decades, initially specialising in Encryption and Access Control. 

The way in which we access, use, share, handle & protect data has changed considerably in the last decade. Data is no longer understood as documents, files and folders. Data is also an IP address, Personal Identifiable Information (PII), emails, intellectual property, HR records, accounts, bank details, shopping habits, TV streaming, surveillance camera footage; the list goes on.

The safe haven of protecting our data has grown extensively as we progress with Digital Transformation and our once secure castle is now perimeterless ; making it more difficult to control.

Businesses of all sizes from small to large enterprise organisations need to evaluate the consequences of protecting data and how it travels, is accessed and stored. Monitoring, managing and controlling every aspect of the data’s journey for compliance, protection from cyberattacks, repudiation, ease of access, vulnerabilities and being able to guarantee a reliable, traceable way in which to work for our employees and customers.

Digital Pathways strive to make sure our customers have the means and methods in place to build and create a digital transformation journey that is safe, reliable, flexible and, at a budget you can afford.