About Deepcrawl

Deepcrawl is your ‘command center’ for website health. Our market-leading platform helps you scale your digital operations by bringing together the teams, data, and insights required for a high-performing, revenue-driving website. Built by some of the world’s leading technical SEO experts, we’re the website health solution of choice for teams at major enterprise brands like Adobe, PayPal, Twitch, Canva, and thousands of others — as well as all 6 major group advertising agencies.

Your website’s health—its speed, page experience, and technical soundness—is critical for your business. It impacts how you compete in the online space. It impacts how customers experience your brand. And it impacts your ability to drive revenue.  

Making your website a competitive edge for your business is a digital operations challenge. Enterprise sites are complex, fast-moving, and made up of thousands, or even millions of pages, and managed across multiple teams. Add the threat of new issues being introduced by code changes and ever-changing search ranking algorithms and it’s not just a challenge – it’s practically impossible.

This is where Deepcrawl comes in. Deepcrawl helps you scale your digital operations by bringing together the teams, data, and insights required for a high-performing, revenue-driving website. Powered by our world-class web crawler, Deepcrawl exposes technical and structural issues that exist in—or are about to be introduced to—your site, so you can prioritize and fix existing issues, and prevent new errors from being released to the live website. 

Take command of your website’s health with Deepcrawl — and realize your website’s full revenue-driving potential.

The Deepcrawl Approach: Proactive vs. Reactive

When it comes to technical SEO, most solutions on the market today focus purely on ‘smart alerts’ that notify you of issues on your live site. But while identifying and investigating live issues is an important step of your workflow, as the old adage says—prevention is better than cure.

This is where Deepcrawl is different. Our approach is to develop proactive website health workflows. That’s why our platform not only gives you all the metrics you need to identify current issues impacting your website’s health, it also allows you to set automated tests to prevent errors being introduced to your site in the first place, protecting your traffic and revenue. 

Product overview:

The Deepcrawl platform serves as your website health command center, providing a digital operations workflow to support the cross-functional teams responsible for your website’s performance: 

1. Easily detect and drill down to inspect your website’s metrics, in our Analytics Hub, and take action based on the platform’s recommendations and insights

2. Protect against future issues that may negatively impact traffic or revenue by integrating the Deepcrawl platform with your dev team’s pipeline, and automating testing in Automation Hub to prevent errors being introduced by new code. 

3. Connect the Deepcrawl platform with business intelligence tools to track and measure the impact of your efforts through BI Connect.

Deepcrawl also has some of the world’s best technical SEOs on our Professional Services team, offering our customers bespoke guidance for their organic search and website health strategies. 

Learn more about Deepcrawl & your website’s technical health:

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