Put the right content in front of the right person at the right time and gain up to 20x more CTA Clicks, Demos, Sales and Sign Ups from your blog, resources, and insights.

Make the most of your editorial content with AI

On average 2x more page views and 6x more conversions with our AI-powered content recommendations.

Gartner says: “Content marketing teams looking to jump-start, differentiate and accelerate insight-driven content personalization should consider Concured.”

Increased engagement

By serving content that is more personalised to potential customers’ needs and so is more likely to convert them.

Increased efficiency

By allowing that content to be more easily used and automatically served to customers increasing its visibility and longevity.

Actionable Intelligence

See what’s working and why? Plus benchmark vs competitors and see what’s working for them

60 Minute setup

Our automated tagging, rules and JavaScript implementation make implementation take just 60 minutes

Build 1st Party Data

Build an amazing understanding of your customers interests and needs. Enabling personalization, segmentation and better decision making

Reduce content waste

The right content is delivered to the right person at the right time. Older content comes back to life and every customers experience is personalized and relevant.

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