Collctiv is an app that helps group organisers collect money for activities and large gifts through simplifying the money collection and payment process, by enabling them to send just one link and receive payments in less than 5 seconds – regardless of the banking or payments platform their group uses.

Collctiv was launched in September 2019 and having spent less than £15k on paid acquisition, we have managed to help 850k people in 140 countries process £40M of payments – for everything social from sports to travel, events to gifts, charity to activities.

At Collctiv, we know that not all payments are created equal. There is always an Organiser in every group of friends who decides how we all spend our social, disposable income. Our mission is to make it easy for this Organiser to collect and spend their group’s money, so that we can all more easily do the things we love.

In the fall of 2022, Collctiv expanded into the US and was the only British startup accepted into the highly prestigious and competitive Techstars Accelerator Program in New York City. The program is known for its rigorous selection process and its alumni, which include ClassPass, Owlet Baby Care, and PillPack.

Collctiv founders

Collctiv is founded by Amy Whitell, a 3x founder and prolific group organiser, and Pete Casson, an experienced CTO and full-stack dev, who share a passion for making sure organisers aren’t left out of pocket for making the rest of our lives actually happen!