We have several regular features on BusinessCloud.co.uk & TechBlast.co.uk which may suit a key figure involved in your business.

A synopsis for each is below. You can submit entries using the form which follows.

All features must be written in the first-person and attributed to an individual – please include a headshot of the author.

TechBlast features

Message to my Younger Self

Entrepreneurs and business figures offer advice to the younger version of themselves. If they could travel back in time, what would they pass on? What would they reinforce, or do differently? 600 words

The Joy of Failure

Building a business is never straightforward. Entrepreneurs describe how a ‘failure’ with a previous venture or earlier version of their present business put them on the road to success. 600 words

My Mentor

Entrepreneurs and business figures describe the impact a mentor or role model had on them both professionally and personally. Plus how they are now passing on this and other accrued knowledge to the next generation. 600 words

On the Money

Investors and dealmakers offer their take on raising investment and M&A: the overall landscape; the performance of specific sectors & types of funding; advice on any aspect of raising; and what they personally are looking for. 600 words


Featuring entrepreneurs, investors & other key industry players, this webinar/podcast reveals what is needed to scale a successful technology startup. Approach via email – [email protected]

BusinessCloud features

The Breakdown

Figures at innovative companies offer technical but understandable how-to guides for an area of technology or business – e.g. how to build a killer app; how to record a hit podcast; how to become carbon neutral – in 5-7 steps. 800-1,000 words 

Tech Essential

Entrepreneurs and business figures explain a technology that has made a difference to them and their business e.g. an auto-transcription, project management or time tracking tool; a platform for generating insights from data; platforms for communication, reporting or culture. 600 words

Demystifying Tech

Featuring technologists at the UK’s most innovative companies, this webinar/podcast examines the impact of tech on industry & the world around us. Approach via email – [email protected]

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