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Physicians, hospital administrators and other healthcare professionals should consistently lead by example. As part of this effort, we must encourage healthy lifestyle choices, such as adopting electric vehicles, which may lessen the prevalence of diseases in our community.

EVs improve air quality and environmental habits by minimising automobile drivers’ carbon footprints. Promoting an eco-friendly atmosphere, which is synonymous with health, enhances a healthcare facility’s image.

In light of these factors, hospitals are advised to install electric vehicle charging stations in their parking garages and lots. Patients and healthcare workers who spend many hours a day at the facility will have access to EV charging stations for their vehicles. To make the maximum number of people aware of it, hospitals should list their charge stations on apps such as the GRID EV App, which integrates the “smart search” feature.

A healthcare facility may also want to consider getting an electric vehicle fleet. An EV fleet may significantly reduce a hospital fleet’s driving costs, and the facility’s air quality can also be improved.

The Advantages of EVs in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare business may greatly benefit from electric vehicles. The most significant advantages they provide are listed in this section:

Make People’s Lives Last by Enhancing Public Health

The enhancement of air quality and, by extension, public health is one of the key EV advantages for the healthcare industry. Internal combustion engine vehicles emit CO2 and NO2, ozone, SO2, CO and other tiny particles. These pollution chemicals may cause lung irritation, exhaustion, asthma, oxygen deprivation and other respiratory illnesses.

Switching from ICE to electric vehicles would improve staff and patients’ health by reducing air pollution in hospitals.

Make It Easy for Patients and Medical Staff to Pay

Since most healthcare facility employees spend a significant portion of their day there, they often refer to it as their second home. As a bonus, providing them access to EV charging stations would increase morale by allowing them to charge their vehicles easily during work hours at the facility.

Upgrade the Hospital’s Public Presence

Any healthcare facility’s reputation can improve by purchasing electric vehicles and providing access to EV chargers. Healthcare facilities can lead by example. Considering the beneficial effect of EVs on both the environment and public health, this is the outcome of the healthcare facility adhering to good environmental policies by switching out ICE vehicles for EVs.

Silence the Crowds

Any healthcare facility with a steady flow of patients arriving and departing should provide quiet and tranquillity. As EVs are essentially silent and enable healthcare staff to arrive and go without disturbing patients or visitors, replacing ICE vehicles with EVs may significantly enhance the medical facility.

In Conclusion

The healthcare industry is among the first groups interested in improving the public’s well-being. Combining green energy with electric vehicles can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, as the transportation industry is accountable for 27% of GHG emissions and the power sector for another 25%.