Posted on September 17, 2019 by staff

Wakelet integrates with video sharing platform Flipgrid


Tech platform Wakelet has integrated with video sharing platform Flipgrid.

Teased at ISTE19 in Philadelphia earlier this year, the integration will allow users to record videos directly into a Wakelet collection using the new Flipgrid Shorts Camera.

Flipgrid is a video sharing platform that allows teachers and students to record and share selfie-style videos. Acquired by Microsoft in June 2018, the platform is committed to empowering student voice and has become a favourite of educators around the world.

Wakelet, based in Manchester, is a content curation platform which allows educators to collect, organise and share mixed media resources with their students.

It allows different types of media to be added to a collection or story, including articles, web links, YouTube videos, PDFs, notes, images and much more.

With the new Shorts integration people will be able to open up the Flipgrid camera directly from within Wakelet, record a video, and immediately save it to a collection.

Wakelet, which announced its partnership with Flipgrid last year, says thousands of educators and students have since been ‘appsmashing’ the two platforms – using Wakelet to curate powerful collections of content, and embedding Flipgrid videos into these collections to help contextualise them.

Wakelet’s head of partnerships Misbah Gedal (pictured above at Flipgrid Live in Philadelphia earlier this year) said: “It’s been great working with the Flipgrid team to bring this powerful new integration into the hands of educators worldwide.

“Educators are always looking for new and exciting ways to tell their stories and engage their classrooms and communities.

“We know that the new Shorts video integration will have a big impact on learning outcomes from K-12 all the way up to higher education, and beyond.”

Adam Parker Goldberg, of Flipgrid’s engagement team, said: “Driven and inspired by our incredible shared community, we’re proud to launch the creative story-telling camera from Flipgrid directly into Wakelet.

“Since partnering just under a year ago, we have been amazed by the transformative ways educators and students already combine our two tools.

“The launch of this new integration adds a whole new meaning to amplifying the curator in constructing an enriching collection.”

The Flipgrid Shorts Camera is available to use on Wakelet now – ready for teachers to start bringing it into their lesson plans and workflows for the new school year.

This integration with Flipgrid is the latest in a wave of integrations Wakelet has conducted with the Microsoft family of tools including Microsoft Sway, OneNote, Immersive Reader and Microsoft Teams.