The Podcast Host has raised £500,000 funding to grow its podcast-making app Alitu.

The Dundee startup’s full-service tool is currently powering more than 2,500 podcasters and their shows.

It has specific tools for recording, production, editing and audio cleanup, shortening the creation process and removing the tech stress for users. 

The transatlantic investment round featured UK-based ADA Ventures and US-based the Calm Fund. 

The Podcast Host team plans to build out two specific areas: the editing and production experience, and the monetisation of podcasting. More options, such as background music and templates to add professional polish, will be added.

“Podcasting is meant to be fun!” said Colin Gray (pictured), founder and CEO. “It’s a passion for so many. 

“We want to grow that feeling in Alitu, making sure it’s a real pleasure putting your show together, and releasing your voice into the wild, but all the while giving you the flexibility and control you need to create something great.” 

Alitu can help podcasters include ads or other audience support methods during their episode creation process. 


Gray continued: “The production process is so fragmented from monetisation right now. Because we have recording, editing and a content library, all in one place, we can make it so much easier to create and include ads, if you choose to. 

“And if you have your own products, or want to sell content itself, we can offer creative ways to promote and sell them, all in one place.”