Posted on March 20, 2020 by staff

Top 10 tips for working on your own (from the man who knows)


Millions of Brits have swapped their busy offices for working from home in a bid to curb the coronavirus virus.

Working from home might sound appealing but how do you achieve maximum productivity while preserving your physical and mental wellbeing?

One man who knows better than most is Sam Eastwood who is the only member of staff at his online business selling traffic products.

He launched Street Solutions UK in Bolton in 2017 and it’s just topped £1m turnover for the first time.

The 24-year-old started working on his kitchen table and here’s his top 10 tips on how to work on your own.

1. Planning. Organise your diary.

I’m far more productive working on my own than in a busy office. I start every day by writing down the tasks that I know need completing, focusing on the income generating/high impact ones first as early as possible. This is when I’m least distracted and most efficient.

2. Keep it varied

Working from home or on your own doesn’t need to feel like Groundhog Day. Adding in short organised breaks between completing and starting a new task is a great way to work through the day. I find that stretching my legs and getting a drink lets me refresh. Getting outside for some fresh air throughout the day helps bring down the onset of the dreaded ‘cabin fever’.

3. Don’t hide behind emails

Getting on the phone/video call is a great way to work through issues in a clear and concise way. I find people too often hide behind the slow process of emails back and forth.

4. Productivity apps

A lot of people use productivity apps like Slack and Trello. My advice is they’re essential for keeping a clear split between work and personal relationships.

5. Discipline

Getting up at a reasonable time to be awake, dressed and fed BEFORE starting the working day does great things to getting the day off to a strong start.

6. Don’t wear pyjamas

When working at home I made a point of looking presentable, getting dressed (not in my PJs) and fixing up my hair. I’d want to treat my efforts at work exactly the same as if I was in the office. In working that way I’d be dressing and presented in the same way. (Side note: suit and tie at this point many be overkill!)

7. Healthy mind

Don’t be chained to your desk. I like to go to the gym before work. Be aware that you’re not going to be as productive as you may have been in the office if this isn’t your usual working environment, so don’t be put off. Within a few days of scheduled working you’ll get the hang of things.

8. Celebrate success

Use the small wins wherever they come from to keep positive spirits in these uncertain times.

9. Switch-off

Easier said than done when you’re running your own business (and I know) but you do need some ‘down time’. Keeping the work to a specific room in the house i.e kitchen/office and not bringing it into your social areas like the living room will help.

10. Change of scenery

When I was based at my kitchen table I’d schedule a few days a month to work out of coffee shops around Manchester to give a change of scenery.