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Welcome, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players! Sticks and Stones are back in the third season of Call Of Duty in Black Ops Cold War! 

If you have played Call of Duty earlier, you would know that Sticks and Stones need a combination of strategy, tactics, and skill to master. 

In this article, we’ll go through the basics of the game mode and tips to Win in Sticks and Stones in COD: Black Ops Cold War. 

Tips to Win Sticks and Stones in CoD

From understanding the objectives to gearing up with the best load-outs, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to dominate the battlefield. Using the right combination of practice and strategy, you’ll be able to crush your opponents and come out on top!

  • Understand the Objectives

One of the first steps towards winning a round of Sticks and Stones is understanding the objectives. This mode aims to score the highest possible score by collecting sticks and stones. 

You can collect sticks and stones by killing and downing enemy players and collecting them from crates scattered around the map. To win a round, you’ll need to be the first team to reach a predetermined score or to have the highest score when the timer runs out. 

By knowing the objectives and planning how to reach them, you will achieve success in this mode.

  • The Basics

Grasping the basics of the game is as important as understanding the objectives. 

Your goal in Sticks and Stones is to get as many points as possible within five minutes. That’s the maximum time limit. 

Killing opponents with the crossbow or Ballistic Knife will earn you 100 points each. Alternatively, you can use the Tomahawk to take out opponents and get 50 points while bankrupting them of all their points. 

It’s a high-stakes game, and all three of your weapons are capable of one-hit kills.

  • Pay Attention to The Enemy Movements

You’ll need to pay attention to enemy movement, as the crossbow bolts don’t move slower than bullets. So mount the crossbow and pay attention to where the enemies are moving to aim accurately and shoot. 

There will be a lot of rebellion in this game, so ensure your aim is right, and don’t let your target slip away. 

  • Do Hip Firing

Hip firing is a great option for close-range combat. What you do is shoot without aiming through red dots or sniper scopes. It’s often referred to as an ‘original shot’ because it can help you stay on target when enemies are moving quickly. 

Hip firing can be particularly useful in a melee situation, as it helps you stay on target and respond quickly.

  • Never Stop Moving

Spy Plane UAV will always be monitoring your movements. So, keep moving, and only stay in one place for a short time. 

Be aware of the positions of all your enemies and keep a distance from them. It will then make it harder for them to attack you. 

  • Be Unpredictable in your Movements

Reloading weapons takes a lot of time, so you’ll want to be unpredictable with your movements to outwit your opponents. Avoid bunny hopping – this is when you skip around – as it makes it easier for enemies to aim at you. 

If you see an enemy coming towards you and they’re jumping around, aim for any part of their body, and you’re likely to get a kill.

  • Don’t be complacent

It’s important to stay focused and alert at all times. Don’t be complacent even if you’re ahead in the game. Always stay vigilant and be aware of your opponent’s movements.

While avoiding being humiliated by enemies is important, running away from encounters could let someone else sneak up on the scoreboard. So you’ll need to be careful of enemies while also adding to the score to maintain your lead.

It’s a fine balance between being careful of enemies and adding a score to maintain your lead.

To Sum Up

Sticks and Stones is a thrilling and challenging mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. However, with the right combination of strategies and tactics, you can be sure to come out on top. 

From understanding the objectives to being unpredictable in your movements, these tips can help you stay ahead of the competition. You’ll dominate the battlefield and come out on top. 

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Good luck, and have fun!