Posted on July 17, 2018 by staff

PwC director leaves to join crypto exchange


A former director at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Australia has been appointed as the CEO of a crypto exchange and advisory business.

Ben Ingram left PwC, where he was director in charge of digital strategy, in March this year before joining to focus on building crypto-based investment products.

Ingram will also focus on working on the website’s trading exchange functionality.

The executive joins a growing list of finance high-profile professionals switching their traditional careers for new opportunities in the crypto world.

Ingram told Business Insider that is more than just a typical cryptocurrency exchange.

“Rather than a full exchange, the company offers more of a gateway service,” he said.

“It provides people one of the easiest ways to get into bitcoin — and importantly, get back out of bitcoin. That includes same-day settlement, so cash back into your account as at the date of the transaction.”