Posted on November 1, 2018 by staff

Price-comparison app feature signals better mobile deals


Huddersfield-based tech firm yboo has added a new signal strength feature update to its money-saving app as it seeks to transform the way consumers shop for the best mobile phone deals.

The new functionality will allow the company to recommend the best mobile phone deals based not only on price but signal strength based on where consumers live, work and hang out.

With no need to register, estimate usage or work out which network gives the best coverage, yboo is making choosing the right mobile deal easy for millions of consumers in the UK.

While operator coverage maps might indicate covering a particular geographic area, they do not measure signal strength and quality of service at a device level.

yboo’s technology can report on a comprehensive range of information, such as a users’ physical location and signal strength change.

Once a user installs the yboo app onto their mobile it collects anonymous data about the signal strength quality in areas the user visits. This includes in-building coverage, which is then aggregated against other users with the app, allowing it to make recommendations based on these results.

The app update will also support the yboo #insightsfromoutside portal release that provides mobile operators with the ability to understand network blackspots, target yboo consumers with unique offers and create products that increase connections and ultimately compete more effectively with other providers.

“Understanding service quality and signal strength means that the right deal for you might not be the cheapest,” said yboo founder and CEO Martyn Gould.

“We’re working with mobile operators to make things better but until every network provides every user with service level agreements and service credits, things are unlikely to improve without our help.”