Posted on February 16, 2018 by staff

Nominate top young tech talent for ’35 under 35′ list


Starting a successful tech business is impressive enough at any stage of life – but starting one when you’re young is even harder.

That’s why BusinessCloud is on the hunt for the inspiring young tech entrepreneurs under 35 that have taken the leap and dived in head-first to create something with tech.

We want to profile 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 who are shaking up the world of technology.

Fighting against the stereotype of the ‘youth of today’ we constantly meet young people that, despite the additional barriers of starting a company with little experience, are inspirations to us all.

They could be the founder of the hottest new company that’s using tech in some form, or have come up with an app that’s changing lives – if they’re using tech to show entrepreneurial spirit in any way we want to hear about it!

They may have balanced their studies with their passion for tech, or perhaps taken a different route than university, or simply hit the ground running after they graduated.

Whether they’re the next Mark Zuckerberg or simply improving the world in some small way we want our list to showcase the best young talent there is.

Previous lists with incredible success have been our ‘101 Tech Disrupters’ and ‘100 Female Role Models of Tech’ – which reached over 3 million people on Twitter.

The list will be published in the next edition of BusinessCloud. Send in your nominations now!


  • Fill in this questionnaire by March 15, 2018
  • Entrant must be 35 or under until the end of April 2018
  • Tech means any company using tech in some way whether hardware or software or data
  • Nominations must be from within the UK
  • Mark any confidential information clearly
  • Nominations must include any supporting evidence e.g. patents, turnover, partnerships etc
  • Editor’s decision will be final

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