Posted on April 21, 2020 by staff

‘Netflix for sales’ app targets one million users


A tech entrepreneur who describes his app as the ‘Netflix for sales’ is aiming to grow to one million users inside 10 years.

Richard Few, 36, said 86 per cent of companies don’t invest in sales training for staff which is why he launched Sales Geek in March 2017.

“Sales shouldn’t be a dirty word but it still is in the UK,” said Few.  “Many organisations churn sales people, it’s frightening how much talent is lost and how much money is wasted because of this. Sales people sometimes over promise in interviews but so to do businesses, this is a recipe for disaster.”

Sales Geek has designed its own app, which Few describes as the‘Netflix for sales’ because its ‘short form content on demand’.

“All our needs are different and our attention spans are getting shorter so accessing the content you want, when you need and getting it in short two-five minute video content is more digestible and more helpful,” he said.

“You are also part of a global community too while you are on the app so you can share and help others while asking the questions you want answered if you don’t feel comfortable asking your boss or peer in your business.”

Sales Geek has grown to 11 staff in three years but Few said that’s the tip of the iceberg in terms of the level of their ambition.

“We want to build the biggest global community of sales professionals and have a million users inside the next 10 years,” he said. “Through achieving this we can achieve our legacy of changing the way the world perceives sales.”

Few said the monthly subscription charge of £9.99 a month was aimed to be competitive.

“We want a sales education to be a right rather than a privilege so we wanted to make it something that people could self-fund if they wanted to but was also a no brainer for businesses to purchase for their teams,” he said.

“There’s some great management reports and controls on the enterprise licence. Making sales education more accessible is at the heart of what we do as a business, the hub is £9.99 and is one click on a home screen of your smart phone.”

Few said Sales Geek work with a wide range of clients, from £80,000 turnover to £100m+.

He said Covid-19 had impacted on the Lancashire-based business. “We’ve seen an increase in demand for our app and for our online services,” he said. “It’s given us a chance to innovate new products and has given us a chance to show even more businesses how effective online training can be.”