Posted on October 8, 2019 by staff

Natwest unveils credit card with built-in fingerprint scanner


UK bank Natwest has become the first in the UK to issue a credit card with a biometric fingerprint scanner.

The technology begins a three-month trial with 150 customers today, in partnership with Mastercard and digital security company Gemalto.

The bank has previously piloted the technology in debit cards and will now trail the technology with a credit card counterpart.

The technology allows customers to use the contactless payment feature now common in most cards, with the added security of a fingerprint verification for transactions up to £100, an increase on the current £30 limit.

The card is the same size as a typical card and can be used in ATMs, but unlike a standard credit card will lights up green when the fingerprint has been verified.

The new features, including the light, are powered through the card terminal when a customer presents their card.

Georgina Bulkeley, director of innovation at NatWest, called the technology the biggest development in card technology in recent years.

“..not having to enter a PIN not only increases security but makes it easier for our customers when paying for goods or services,” she said.

Bob Reany, executive vice president at Mastercard company Identity Solutions, added: “Feeling confident that your information is protected is paramount. We, along with our partners, are building biometric cards that recognise an individual rather than a password or PIN. Biometrics are more secure, more trusted and better suited to a world that requires more frequent authentication.”

NatWest and Mastercard will work closely with Gemalto to bring the service to customers across the UK.