Posted on July 9, 2018 by staff

Musk offers ‘submarine’ to save trapped Thai football team


Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has shared videos of a ‘submarine’ which could help save a Thai football team trapped in an underwater cave.

Whilst some of the boys have already been rescued by divers, eight of the boys and their coach remain trapped.

The Tesla CEO created the metallic vessel with parts from his space rocket company SpaceX.

Musk said that his device would be “light enough to be carried by two divers, small enough to get through narrow gaps”.

The new invention measures just 31cm in diameter, according to Musk, which is large enough to fit one person inside, but still small enough to get through the opening of the cave.

The invention and the team behind it will soon be en route to Thailand.

Musk said on Twitter that an inflatable version of the device could be sent down the hazardous route first to make sure the vessel wouldn’t block the passageway.

Musk tweeted about the device: “Hopefully useful. If not, perhaps it will be in a future situation.” He has suggested that the device could also work as an “escape pod in space”.