Posted on August 5, 2016 by staff

Mentoring has never been easier thanks to


Bringing start-up entrepreneurs together with experienced mentors is the idea behind Joshua Bolland’s new business.

Bolland is the CEO and creative director of web agency JB Cole and is working with his brother Ollie on the project, which will charge users based on the length of the conversation they have with the mentor.

“Our system,, is a marketplace for start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs to allow them to share bite-sized chunks of mentoring and advice, wherever they are in the world, online,” he told BusinessCloud at the International Festival for Business.

“We eat, sleep and drink the technology so we know how to build the systems that this business requires.

“One of the key things is building the technology that you need… an advantage we’ve had is we’ve been able to get the technology by building it in-house.

“That comes with a lot of other struggles as we’ve had to take our team off billable projects with clients – we are investing their time and a lot of money into our systems.”

Music Magpie founder and CEO Steve Oliver said at the same ‘tech entrepreneurs who want to change the world’ conference that changing the method of payment gave his business a massive boost last year.

Wakelet founder and CEO Jamil Khalil also said that the time is not yet right for his flourishing start-up to make money while Cathal Berragan revealed how The Social Chain can put a message in front of 66 million people.