Posted on December 9, 2016 by staff

Mastering Facebook Live and social media’s shopping future


Marketing agency Social Chain is eyeing the impending integration of eCommerce into social media after notching up the UK’s four most engaged Facebook Live videos ever.

The Manchester-based firm set a new record of 760,000 engagements last weekend with its interactive campaign for client Boohoo.

The video, of a stiletto heel stuck in ice, asked people to comment ‘melt’ to slowly reveal the shoe with a potential prize on offer of BooHoo vouchers worth £500.

It ramped up 289,000 views with more than double that number of engagements. Almost three out of every five people who viewed the video directly interacted with it, with 756,000 comments and 4.7k likes.

It smashed the record of 534,000 engagements for BoohooMan on Cyber Monday, where viewers were encouraged to comment ‘pump’ to blow up a balloon filled with water which was suspended above the head of an unfortunate participant.

Tim Hyde, Social Chain’s head of campaigns, told BusinessCloud that he was surprised by the level of their Facebook Live success.

“It was incredible to see,” he said. “I expected thousands of comments, but not to be at the top of the leaderboard like this.

“Boohoo gave us the creative freedom to disrupt and engage with fans. They told us to ‘make a splash’.

“To have the top four ideas in the UK ever is just amazing. I’m very proud of the team’s work on these potentially award-winning campaigns.

“The real key is to reward the audience by allowing them to affect the outcome. To engage with them. We did a video for BoohooMan of two people doing Bucktucker Trials, which had good production values, but not the same level of interaction.”

But Social Chain is far from resting on its laurels.

“A few years ago everyone raved about reach. The next year it was impressions. Engagements is this year’s buzzword,” he added.

“But we’re moving past that to see what these engagements actually mean; which emotions they evoke in the viewer. We use Crimson Hexagon on Twitter: a tool which pulls the emotion from the words people use.

“I’ve got mates who work at Instagram and Facebook and they are looking at increasing the shopability of features: they’ve told me about the eCommerce tools they’re testing at the moment, where you only have to push one button to buy something, say a dress. From a conversion rate standpoint on Instagram, that could be massive.

“It’s something we will also be at the forefront of. We are also looking at 360-degree video to tell product campaign stories.

“We’re always pushing boundaries.”Social Chain tops Facebook Live charts