Posted on September 15, 2017 by staff

Lifesize doubles customer base through innovation


Videoconferencing company Lifesize® has released a new version of its cloud-based collaboration platform hot on the heels of explosive growth.

The company has experienced a 110 per cent increase in its customer base through continued innovation and a focus on customer success, as seen in its newly rearchitected Lifesize app.

This new version of the company’s cloud-based collaboration platform — launched after a successful and thorough beta program — delivers exceptional, high-definition audio, web and video conferencing.

New features include a smart matching contact search function, the ability to schedule a meeting from the homescreen or chat message, in-app tutorials and more.

In addition to net-new customer growth, Lifesize has seen the use of its cloud-based solution spread and grow within individual customer businesses as they add more users and more connected conference room devices to their accounts.

Specifically, the number of active users within Lifesize Enterprise plan accounts, those with the highest-tier subscription service, has grown by nearly 50 percent since last year.

Moreover, customers on average have added 76 percent more connected devices to their accounts since last year, showcasing just how important the huddle room and conference room are to a productive, collaborative business culture.

“Lifesize’s tremendous growth and exceptional innovations reinforce how we’re solving our customers’ needs to securely, reliably and effortlessly connect and collaborate internally and externally on a daily basis,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize.

“Our remarkable success in more than doubling our customer base and then seeing incredible growth within each customer’s account since the last year also validates our approach – that customers need both a cloud-based collaboration platform and seamlessly integrated, connected conference room systems.

“As we continue to innovate, the redesigned Lifesize app will usher in the next chapter of growth for our company, customers and partners, as it delivers a truly uncomplicated collaboration experience, whether employees are at their desks, their homes or in conference rooms.”

Based on feedback from the Lifesize customer community, the new Lifesize app was completely rebuilt to focus on an intuitive, effortless experience and now includes a new user interface (UI) and features like smart matching search and one-click calling to deliver easier, faster, smarter and more flexible communication and collaboration.

“With 10 offices across the country and one in India, video collaboration is critical to connecting our internal teams to better design and deliver innovative solutions to our clients,” said Michael Rinken, CTO at Mazzetti, a market leader in engineering and technology.

“Lifesize is a necessity for us, and the new app allows us to collaborate even more effectively.

“We tested the app during the beta program and were delighted to see our feedback incorporated into the final product.

“The app’s consistent user interface across desktop and web, as well as new features such as moderator controls that allow you to mute select participants, creates an effortless user experience.

“It really hits the mark for our end users and IT staff alike.”

In addition to the new app, Lifesize has been building innovative products and delivering bold customer support services, spurring nearly 50 percent growth in the number of active users within Lifesize Enterprise plan accounts and increasing the number of connected devices by 76 percent per customer.