Posted on March 20, 2019 by staff

Language learning comparison site launched


A new tech platform has launched which aims to help make language learning accessible to all.

London-based Volangua has been created by a collective of professionals from the language education sector and is currently undergoing beta testing ahead of a full launch in July.

Volangua aims to change the way people access and participate in language courses.

The platform automates the booking process and makes the search and process of enrolling students easier, offering direct access to language schools for students around the world.

“Comparison websites are helping millions of people to travel, buy insurance or find their next home, but no one offers comparisons for language course, despite the popularity of learning a new language,” said Francisco Santos, founder of Volangua.

“That’s where Volangua sees an opportunity, to connect users with schools and course suited to their needs.

“Our mission is to bring tech to learning a language. We want to make learning a new language accessible to anyone and we saw a gap in the market for a comparison site to help users find the school or course that best suits their needs.”

For schools, Volangua offers a full-service platform where documents can be shared directly with students.

Direct payment services are included, along with translation into four languages, an instant book facility, display advertising options, plus inbuilt analytics with data on sales, student nationality, popular courses and more.

The site features a full review system where schools can add existing reviews from Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot and Yelp.

For students, Volangua offers the ability to learn any foreign language in any country internationally, direct access to schools, comparison capabilities, fair and reasonable pricing with no additional charges to students versus booking directly with a school.

There is also a ‘near you’ facility, to help students find language courses close to home and the ability to book accommodation and transfers directly through the site.