A next-generation database is targeting growth in the UK after establishing a European HQ in Surrey. 

Yugabyte’s open source distributed SQL databases are designed to handle large amounts of data spanning multiple geographic regions, with no single point of failure. 

It has also appointed Martin Gaffney as Vice President for the EMEA region. Gaffney founded the EMEA operation of ThoughtSpot Inc in 2015 and helped grow the company to a $2 billion valuation. 

“I am delighted to join the leadership team to support the international growth of the company, and am confident that explosive growth for Yugabyte is a case of when, not if,” he said. 

“The historical ‘system of record’ database market is overdue for disruption. The growing move to cloud and microservices-based architectures is driving European enterprises to consider alternatives, as the monolithic, legacy providers’ technology is ill-suited to this new multi-cloud world.  

“We are excited about scaling the EMEA operation and accelerating Yugabyte’s growth.” 

Karthik Ranganathan, CTO at Yugabyte, said: “Our global expansion is being fuelled by the worldwide demand for the YugabyteDB open source distributed SQL database. We have focused our expansion in the regions with the highest customer demand and the best talent.  

We’re excited to continue our growth and build the team in EMEA under Martin’s leadership, to help us achieve our mission of becoming the default database for cloud native applications in a multi-cloud world.”   

Yugabyte recently raised a $48 million funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with additional participation by Greenspring Associates, Dell Technologies Capital, Wipro Ventures, and 8VC.  

This followed a $30m capital raise announced in 2020.