A hearing health platform has raised £5.9 million in seed funding.

TympaHealth’s portable technology – a combination of hardware and AI-enabled software – allows comprehensive hearing health assessments to be performed in point-of-care settings such as pharmacies, retail stores and assisted living facilities.

It provides information to detect disease and manage hearing health through high-resolution eardrum visualisation, ear wax removal and a real-time screening audiogram.

CE marked and FDA registered, it claims to be the only solution of its kind dedicated to the democratisation of ear and hearing care. 

The key to commercialising a medical device

Founded by CEO Dr Krishan Ramdoo while practising as an ENT surgeon in the NHS, TympaHealth was launched commercially in 2021. It conducted more than 150,000 patient evaluations and treatments and as a result, now holds one of the largest digital databases of ear and hearing health records globally.

In the last 12 months, TympaHealth has enjoyed growth helping to support the NHS through its elective care recovery via a unique tele otology/audiology pathway. The company is now planning expansion across the UK, Europe and US markets.

“TympaHealth can deliver ear and hearing health services safely into the community and away from the hospital, expanding critical access for patients. It is doing so effectively in the UK and it is great to see an NHS innovation taking the next step of their journey,” said Lord David Prior, chairman of the NHS.

The financing was led by serial healthcare entrepreneurs Maurice Ferre and Arjun Desai, who were joined by a global consortium of investors with extensive experience in developing, launching, and scaling cutting edge medical technologies. 

The group included Jim Breyer, Anil Sethi, Martin Varsavsky, Carlos Gallardo, Fred Moll, Elan Katz, Manny Kadre and Imran Hakim to name a few. 

The firm will appoint Desai and Karin Ajmani to its board of directors. Ajmani holds board positions at multiple digital health companies and most recently served as president and chief of strategic development at Progyny, a fertility benefits company. 

Desai has scaled several medical and healthcare technology companies, including leading global teams at Johnson and Johnson Innovation and Insightec.

My experience in A&E made me a better founder