Posted on July 12, 2016 by staff

Government announces tech education overhaul


Skills minister Nick Bowles has announced an overhaul of the delivery of technical education in the UK.

The overhaul will be introduced to create a more skilled workforce in the future and will include an introduction of new courses and a focus on creating skilled workers.

An independent report into technical education, chaired by Lord Sainsbury, prompted the government to develop a “Skills Plan” to tackle the current education system, which was labelled “outdated”.

In order to produce a more modern and skilled workforce the Skills Plan suggests introducing 20,000 new courses provided by 160 organisations, which will offer 15 routes into industry.

Boles said: “Britain has all the ingredients needed to compete with other skilled nations, but we must create a technical education system that can harness that talent.”

Collaboration between the government and the education system has been suggested to make sure young people collect the skills they need for the roles available.

Boles added: “This cannot be the government’s job alone; we must work with employers and post-16 providers to unlock the potential in this country.”

The Skills Plan’s proposed routes into technical careers will be available from 2019 for students who have finished their GCSEs.